Original Penguin by Munsingwear

Here at Gents Clobber the brand Original Penguin by Munsingwear is a good favourite of ours.  At present, we stock Original Penguin socks, beanie hats and underwear which can be viewed using the link below:

Original Penguin socks are ever so popular here at Gents Clobber and one of our fastest selling items, season on season.  Ready for any festival, is our Original Penguin Bucket Festival Hat which is selling for only £14.99!

Original Penguin is a great brand, extremely popular and on trend with clothing and accessories ALL selling with an affordable price tag.

Original Penguin came about in 1955 when a salesman travelled to New York on a sales trip for the Munsingwear brand. With time on his hands before flying home, he decided to pop into a local bar for a few drinks and what happened next would change everything! Taking a wrong turn down a street, he found himself outside a taxidermist’s shop. Deciding he needed a drinking friend for the flight, he bought a penguin which he named Pete.  During the flight, and after another drink or three, he accidentally knocked the head off Pete the Penguin.  A stewardess removed the salesman's necktie and wrapped it around the penguin’s neck. She joked that such a dapper bird deserved to be immortalized, maybe even on a shirt. With that idea in mind - an icon was born - Original Penguin!!

Years later, the Munsingwear Golf Shirt embroidered with Pete’s likeness, was popular with legends including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Clint Eastwood.

Today, the Orignal Penguin by Munsingwear brand is as popular as ever and seen on many sportsmen and famous faces.  You cannot go wrong with an item from the Original Penguin brand shop today!!

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